Creating Icon Files With Photoshop

I’ve tried many times to create usable icon files with Photoshop. As it doesn’t natively support icons, I’ve used so many bits of software, online tools and tricks but to no avail. However, I have found the solution – a free Photoshop plugin that does the trick. Not so useful if you don’t use Photoshop, [...]

Reduce eye fatigue with f.lux

I stumbled across f.lux in a forum and it’s one of the best additions to my computer. It’s a little app that sits in the background, and dims the screen in the evening to simulate sundown. It gradually removes the blue from the display depending on the time of day and time of year. It [...]

How To Do Mid-Side (M-S) Recording

The mid-side recording technique is a very useful technique to learn. Of all the stereo recording techniques, M/S gives the most flexibility. It allows you to manipulate the stereo width post-recording, and is completely mono compatible. The method involves using 1 microphone to capture the middle image, i.e. facing forward, and for a second microphone [...]

New Free VST Plugin – The Mid-Sider

I’ve released a new plugin. It’s a mid-side decoding plugin. I recently recorded a classical piano piece, and had to to the decoding manually. I made this to speed up the process in future. It’s Windows VST 32/64-bit at the moment, but OSX support is coming soon. Check it out…


Here’s my a project I have just finished at uni. It’s a sonification of the universe from the big bang to the end. We had to pick an object, process, concept etc. and create a piece of sonic art. I chose Spacetime…

Batch MP3 Encoding

I’ve just recorded a session of Rebecca Cullen playing live in the studio. We recorded it as a 2 hour long session, and I’ve cut each individual song up and bounced down so she can choose her preferred take of each song. I wanted to send her the files, but first encode them all to [...]

Reading Mac OSX HFS+ With Windows 7

I’ve just done a recording at uni which was on a Mac. I saved them all to my external HD which is formatted to HFS+. I wanted to read them from my PC, but Windows doesn’t read or write HFS+ drives by default. This caused a fair bit of a problem, as I didn’t want [...]